Calculations: Shooting Above Average

The explanation and interpretation of these stats can be found in my article about evaluating shooting in the NBA. Additionally, the top 25 players for each of these stats can be found in the created stats page.

Shooting Above Average

FG% = FG / FGA

Dist = average shot distance

ASTD = proportion of field goals assisted

AvgSC = average shot clock remaining at time of shot

AvgTT = average touch time between catching the ball and the shot

AvgCD = average distance of closest defender for shots (in feet)

exp FG% = 0.7874 – 0.0072*Dist – 0.139*ASTD + 0.0071*AvgSC – 0.048*AvgTT – 0.0238*AvgCD

SAA = FG% – exp FG%

Field Goals Above Average


Adjusted Spacing

Spacing = Dist – AvgCD

3P% = 3P / 3PA

Adjusted Spacing = 3P% * Spacing