Team Ratings


The ratings below rank all 30 NBA teams based on net rating, the four factors, clutch performance, and recent performance. They are also adjusted for injuries and trade acquisitions. Also added are chances of receiving the number one seed in the conference and making the playoffs, as well as projected wins at the end of the regular season. The BARS column is the outputs and can be interpreted as an adjusted net rating. (Note: Ratings have been updated for Playoffs and will be updated for future news regarding opt out decisions)

Last Updated: July 1

NCAA Basketball

These ratings are similar to the NBA ratings. They take inputs such as winning percentage at home, on the road, and at neutral sites, margin of victory, and strength of schedule into account. The CBBR metric serves as the team’s projected margin of victory over the average division I basketball school. These ratings view each game equally and looks at the season at a whole, so it has no recency bias and can be skewed by wins or losses with an abnormal margin of victory. The ratings below are the final ratings as the college basketball season has concluded.

Note: Only Top 25 Teams are shown